My Name: Allan Goodstein
My Occupation: What didn’t I do.
I washed dishes, produced leather garments, had a theatre where I acted ,produced and built sets, drove limos and sold cars.  In other words, I did what I had to do to support a family.

My Latest Love: I have always loved to cook. I got this from my father who was a terrific.
If it wasn’t for him, we would have starved. I love my mom to death but a cook she was not. I don't think she knew where the kitchen was.

Anyway to get to the granola.

It all began when my son Zak, a great kid by the way and now also my business partner, was working in a gym on the upper West Side on Manhattan. It was late and I didn’t want him taking the trains to Brooklyn . I used to get in my car and pick him up. I had some time to kill and started to go through this magazine and came across a recipe for granola.

At this point I was making my own bread and jellies, so I decided to give this a try. I Made a few batches , brought it to family dinners, and people loved it.  I brought it to work, and people loved it. My son was going to SUNY Cortland at the time, and he brought some up to school, and again, people loved it, and started asking for it.

There was only one problem

As good as it was it wasn’t really different. Granola is either dry and loose,  like what you have at cereal, or hard and solid, like you find in a typical granola bar.  I wanted something that was not dry nor hard and chalky.  I started playing with the wet ingredients ,which I call the soup, to get a chewy granola that wasn’t either a cereal or a bar, after a lot of trial and error GOODY'S GRANOLA was born.

Now to test market it. We hit the pavement. We showed up at Canarsie pier in Brooklyn, NY with granola in small baggies and put samples in Dixie cups. To our amazement people actually tried and bought it and we started to get a following.

Next stop Brighton Beach.  Same deal, same results. We brought it to work and again, you guessed it , another success. Then I then started going to stores and once they tasted it I was in.

Today we are in almost 60 stores and growing. GOODY'S GRANOLA is unique in flavor and texture. Don't take my word for it - once you''ll taste it you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.  We are extremely proud of what we have accomplished so far and are looking forward to the future.

We, at GOODY'S GRANOLA want to thank everyone that has bought our product.

Questions? Just Ask!